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Latest Scammer – Fieldcrest Lending Network


Fieldcrest Lending Network


They will ask for upfront money to be sent to Jamaica.


Latest Scammer – Mayfair Credit Corp


Mayfair Credit Corp


Latest Scam Lender – Aspire Lending Services


Aspire Lending Services
22 East Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD 21202


Foresters International Bank – Scam Email

See below for scam email:

Dear Valued Customer

You are welcome to the foreign remittance / online Banking support of Foresters
International Bank/Finance.

Be it known to you that the telegraphic remittance process has been concluded and
the funds is now available for immediate online transfer into your nominated bank
account. In regards to the transfer process of your funds, you are expected to
follow the simple instruction given to you to effect a success transfer of your

Note: Your funds {$10,000.00 USD} was deposited by GOMEK FINANCE GROUP INC. in a
suspense account with this bank (Non-active account). Hence, cannot be transferred
until it has been deposited in an account opened with your name.

To this end, an online bank account will be opened / Activated in your name to
enable the subsequent deposition of it's exact value, so that we can proceed with
the transfer of the fund. Once this account has been activated / opened, you would
transfer online the said funds to any of your designated bank account across the

Note: Initial deposit paid by the beneficiary of funds is for the account type and
it will be added and transferred along with your principal amount in it's exact
value. Furtherance to your complain please do call for further inquiry.

You will be required to choose from the options below, the account type which will
be most convenient and appropriate for you.

1. Transit Classic Account :
Activation Deposit ........ $660 USD
Duration of transfer ..... Four (4) working days.

2. Current Classic Account :
Activation Deposit ........ $815 USD
Duration of transfer ..... Three (3) working days.

3. Domiciliary Classic Account :
Activation Deposit ........ $1,590 USD
Duration of transfer ..... Within 24 hours.

All banks in the United Kingdom are authorized and regulated by the Financial
Services Authority ( FSA ) and adheres to the principles of the Banking Codes
including Foresters International Bank.

To this note, clients are required to abide by the Banking policies of the British
Government by making security deposit for ACCOUNT OPENING. The Financial Services
Authority ( FSA ) is the independent regulator set up by Government to look after
the financial services industry and protect consumers.

Thus, upon receipt of payment, we will be sending your user login and password.

Yours sincerely,

Aadi Moore
Online Account Officer.
(+44) 795 712 9860

Chief Accountant / Account Director.


Foresters International Bank/Finance Transfer Instructions


James Fisher Loan Firm – Scam Email Example

See below for scam email sent by them:


Thanks for your E-mail regarding my Financial Advert, Before we proceed, I will like
to Introduce myself to you shortly, my name's are Mr. James Fisher ,I am the
Managing Director (MD) of James Fisher Loan Firm, i give out Loans at a low interest
rate of 3%, I give out Personal Loans, Business Expansion Loans, Business Start-up
Loans ,Education Loans, Debt Consolidation Loans, Venture Capital, Hard Money Loans,
even to those with Bad Credit, ETC, We offer Loan Ranging from a Minimum Amount of
Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00 USD) and to a Maximum Rang of Ten Million Dollars
($10,000,000.00USD).. Email us back if you are interested in any of this loan and
fill out the below form so that we can proceed.


Full Name:
Contact Address:
Amount Needed as Loan:
Loan Duration:



In acknowledgement to these details, we will send you a well calculated Terms and
Condition which will include the agreement

I am looking forward to your response regarding this matter...

Mr. James Fisher

From: Mr James Fisher

Sent: 06/03/12 04:41 AM



(1)Western Union Money Transfer: This transfer is the fastest way to transfer loan
out to client, i will like you to know that if you are to use Western Union Money
Transfer you are going to receive your loan funds faster. And the cost of transfer
by Western Union will only be $265 you are to choose this option, all you need to do
is to send down your full name and your house address to enable us transfer your
loan to you successfully .Info needed for western union transfer

Receiver's Name....
Text Question…

(2) Bank To Bank Transfer: This way of transfer by Bank require your banking details
and if you are to use this way of transfer you are to pay for the transfer charges
which will only cost you $258 and as soon as you pay for the Bank To Bank Transfer
Fee you are going to have your loan funds transferred to your Bank account directly
okay. Information needed for the bank to bank transfer is below

Account Names.................
Account Numbers................
Rounting Numbers...............
Bank Names.....................
Bank location...................

To enable us transfer this loan to you, you are expected to get to us with the
option you choose with the requested information so that we can Let you know where
and how to send this money to enable them transfer your loan immediately.

I wait your response


Diamond Trust Savings And Loans – Example Scam Email

See below for their scam:

Welcome To Diamond Trust Savings And Loans
(5716 Cleveland St #200 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 USA)
Fax: 206-337-7424
Tel: 703-825-8229
Government Accredited Licensed Loan Firm
Under the Data Protection Act of Registration of the Local and International
Business Company (L.&I.B.C) Act 1992 (2970/2SN9K)

Message from Mrs Lorna Kaufman: Behalf of
(Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Trust Savings And Loans, VA. USA)


We are happy to announce this to you that your Loan has been approved. The Attorney
sent a notification letter to us that we are good to go ahead. Since you are in
agreement with my Loan Terms And Conditions, please be informed that Upon proceeding
of this Loan transfer of $73,500.00 Dollars which will be transferred to you through
bank wire transfer.

There is a little charges attached to this loan before it can be transferred. You
are required to pay for the legal Administrative charges which is only said to be
Five Hundred and Twenty Dollars ($520).
Borrower understands that the aforementioned
charge is his sole responsibility and the fee cannot be deducted or added to the
Loan proceeds and cannot be paid after final funds disbursement. Also there is a
Guarantee that you will receive your Loan Funds after the required fee has been paid
by you.

Please be advised to make Payment for the required charges to our senior appraiser
expert with the payment option below via WESTERN UNION:

Receivers name: Vickie Bowles,
Address: 1006 N Road 54 Pasco, WA 99301 USA
Amount to be sent: $520 USD

Once payment is made, you are to provide the following Western Union transfer
information,if possible email us the scan copy of the payment slip as well.


Do get back to us upon the receipt of this email and let us know when you will be
able to carry out payment so that we can know the way forward on this transaction.
Once payment is received it take about 8 banking hours before the first lodgment is
made to your bank account, Also note that an account will be given to you which all
monthly payments will be made to when the time is due.

Kind regards,
Edwards Morgan


Example of ez-axsgroup Scam

Below is description of how EZ-Axsgroup tries to scam consumers:

(Please rememeber to NEVER pay upfront money for a loan because it is always a scam)

I applied for a loan through on July 4th. On July 6th, I get a
phone call from Brooks Lending. Mr. Paul Johnson. He assured me that I had been
approved for $7,500 however, since my credit was less than perfect I needed to
secure my loan. I had 4 choices. 1. Put up collateral 2. Get a co-signer with
collateral 3. Pay for an insurance policy 4. Make 6 months worth of payments up
front. The way Mr. Johnson explained the insurance was that if I was unable to make
the payments for any reason then the insurance would make the payments. Ok. We've
been offered this type of "disability" or "credit-life" type policy before on other
loans. He then advised that I needed to send the Money Western Union, and they would
reimburse me for the Western Union fees. I needed to call him back when I got to
Western Union, and he'd tell me where and to who I needed to wire the money. He said
"make sure if Western Union asks who you are sending the money to, just tell them
it's a friend, or a relative. Otherwise, they will make you pay a higher transfer
fee." I get to the Western Union, to pay the $590 for the "insurance policy". He
tells me to wire the money to Cheralyn Cole in Pickering, Ontario Canada. Ok, I work
for a commercial insurance company, and it's not unusual for "specialty" insurance
to be underwritten in another country. When I asked why I wasn't sending it to a
company, again I was told because Western Union would charge me more. Cheralyn works
for the insurance company. I call Mr. Johnson back with the MTCN, and he advises
that the money would be direct deposited into my checking account within 1 to 2
hours. About 90 minutes later I get a phone call from a "supervisor" Mr. Scott Hayes
and am told that Mr. Johnson made a mistake, and that I needed to send an additional
$590 to the insurance company. Mr. Johnson had given me the price of a 1 year
policy, but I needed a 2 year policy to secure my loan. I told them that I did not
have the money to pay an additional $590. After about 45 minutes of being put on
hold, Mr. Hayes came back on the line and said that he had been able to negotiate
the 2nd year down to $475. During this time, I had looked up Brooks Lending
everywhere I could on-line. They looked like a legitimate company. I then call my
husband and ask him what I should do. He told me to go ahead and wire the other $475
and see what happened. I wired the additional funds and called Mr. Hayes back with
the MTCN. He assured me that the funds would be in my bank account by 10 am the next
morning. I called him when I didn't see the funds, and he said that he was waiting
confirmation that the insurance company had been able to retrieve the funds. I point
blank asked him if this was a scam, that I was worried. He said "and you should
be","no, what I mean is, no this isn't a scam, and you have nothing to worry about".
Great! I was pretty sure at that point I wasn't going to be getting anything. I
thought this money was an answer to many prayers trying to get things caught up
because my husband had been out of a job for over a year, and had gone back to work
in Jan. I get a phone call from Mr. Hayes that there was some type of problem, and
Western Union would not release the last $475 to Cheralyn Cole. I needed to call
Western Union and see what was going on. About the time I started to call Western
Union THEY CALLED ME! They asked me what the money was going to Canada for. I told
them it wasn't really any of their business. The lady on the phone than asked me "Is
this money to pay for an insurance policy to get a loan?". Ok - YES! She tells me
thank you for being honest, but we WILL NOT release the funds. It's ILLEGAL IN THE
U.S. AND CANADA to require anyone to pay for a loan or an insurance policy upfront
for a loan. Great, don't I feel like the complete idiot now! I call Mr. Hayes back
and tell him that I just want to cancel the whole transaction, and to send my money
back to me. He said he would request the cancellation, however, it would take
approx. 4 weeks to get my money back. Why? It didn't take me 4 weeks to send it
Western Union - why couldn't the money be sent back Western Union? I got no real
explanation why. The phone number that I was given, and used 1-800-717-4960. The
number in MN that I was given was 1-320-438-2283. As of July 14th, their phone
numbers have been disconnected. I filed a complaint with the BBB, and the mail sent
to the address in the website had been returned to the BBB as undeliverable. Their
website has also been disabled. I have tried getting in touch
with ez-axs group, but have had no luck. Maybe we should all file law suits against
EX-AXS Group! I mean, after all it's THEIR website we used to apply for loans that
we were all taken for!

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Another Example of A Scam Lender Email March 2011 #2

It will only take 30 minutes to transfer the loan into your Bank account. The $100 is for the loan transfer as it was stated on the loan terms and conditions. Secondly You will be required to make payment as per the details below this message. I am not able to help you pay this fee at the moment. If really you need this loan then you will make payment. One thing you should know is that we do not force people to take loans from us. we provided you with tip on how to get a loan online. If you have other lenders, and would not like to continue with us then there is no problem but one thing is do not come back for our help as we will not even reply your mail. if you do not need this loan then do not reply as I have tried
to make you see reason but you just seem to not care. and if you choose to take this loan then make payment with details below as we have sent before.

Receiver's name:
Gideon Oboh Address: Edo State Country: Nigeria Text question: who is great Answer:
Father after payment get back to us with details below. Sender's name: Address:
Mobile number: MTCN number:

Once we receive those details, we shall transfer the loan into your Bank account within 30 minutes after confirmation. get back to us as soon as possible. Thanks Amy Adams

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Another Example of A Scam Lender Email March 2011

Blu Lender Plc.

Your mail has been received and i will want you to understand that there is no loan firm you can just walk in and acquire a loan without them asking you for any fees or collateral, i want you to understand that i really like the way your conversation is direct that is why am telling you, am ready to help and there is now way i can hide this from you. I want you to understand that there is now way we can effect transfer on this loan without you getting the transfer fees, this transfer fees we are talking about also serve as collateral for this loan, so that is why it is important, i want you to try and see reasons with me, the amount we are talking about now is just $189 only. Further more in regards to your mail, i
will want you to be rest assured that you will get this loan from me. If i where you i will take this chance in making the payment because i want you also to realize that this company is a very loyal and legitimate company, So you do not need to worry about any thing. And i want you to try as much as possible to make this payment, because this is an opportunity i would not like you to miss, With that word most of my client have able to get financial rest with out burdens for any other means of getting loan from some where else. I want you to take this chance and i promise you that you will have testimony to give cause you will know that with one opportunity you will be financially feet again and i promise and i swear that this very company is were you are now to solicit for financial help and i promise you that you are well in the right place. Please you try your possible best and make sure your transfer fee is been remitted then leave the other part for we the company to complete. As soon as you fulfill your part i want you to know that you will be a living testimony, And your honest and co-operation is our victim of help for you to become a successor in this very transaction. Hope you are getting my point right now, so please i beg you in the name of GOD try and come up with this for your responds is highly recommended for you not to missed this very great opportunity of financial increment. I will await your urgent reply, so we can proceed. Thanks And God bless. Regards Customer Representative. Mrs. Tammy Evans.

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Scam Lenders – Do not trust these lenders…

The following is a list of lenders that are known to scam consumers. This list is updated daily so please check back often.  If you are looking for a particular lender, the easiest way to find them is by doing a search in the upper right hand corner of the website.

Cantex Lending Group
Caldera Financial Group
Sunnyequity Group
Hazelton Financial -
Camden Lending -
Goldwyn Financial
Strategies Co -
Kensington Financial Services -
Consumer Credit Services -
Agnew Advisors
Southeast Trust
Emerson Financial Group
Emerson Financial
Stratford Referrals -
The Transamerica Finance -
Ontrack Credit Consultation -,
Bad Credit Loan Sources -
Ameriprise Advanced Capital Trust -
Micro-Finance & Loan
Loan Works USA -
Atherton Equity -
Credit Hub -
Treasure Valley Financial
American Commerce Investment Corporation -
Brighterdays Credit Group -
Best Loan Funding -
Landmark Group Inc -
Mattamy Financial Services -
Lawrence Park Financial -
Century Financial - Ms Kathrine Brown
John Loan Finance Firm
KW Campital -
Farlex Solutions -
American Dominion Financial -
Fiske Advisors -
GLG Lending Group
K.T. Loans Inc -
Suncore Capital Investment
New Credit Association
American Loan Advantage
Twin Hills Financial Group
Adolf Financial Group
Yorkview Financial Services
First National Network Funding -
Calvert Financial Group -
Edison Financial Group -
Applewood Services
Harford Financial Services
No Credit No Down -
Primax Services -
Concrete Lending -
First Financial Network Funding
Bayview Credit Loans Inc.
Clean Slate Credit Solutions -
Lending Hand Financial
Watson and Jones Financial Group
Pender Equity Solutions -
Quotion Lending Group -
Benton Investment Group -
Guaranteed Solutions -
Decoster Financial Group -
Prosperity Investment Loan -
Alexan Lending Group -
Global Trust Funding -
Union One Lending Group -
Metro Pacific Loans -
Direct Brokers Group -
T & T Loan Firm -
Davis Ryan Loan Agency (aka micheal doria) -
KNS & Son's Equity Group
R&M Services
Lymington Financial Solutions
Acclaim Equity Group -
Rosswood Lending Group -
Newburgh Equity -
Nordic Financial Trust -
London Lending Group -
UBI Payment Services
Moral Park Financial
United West Lending
Brickell Bay Lending -
Blue Sky Lending -
Kenneth and Doyle Financial -
Halsteadt Investment Group
My Easy Loans -
Allstate Capital & Financing -
Southeast Financial Services -
Reliant Capital Investment -
Granville Solutions -,
Verasun Financial -
Ambient Consortia Limited -
Avertex Financial Group -
Redmont Financial Group -
Kensington Lending Group -
Orizon Financial Group - Kingston Jamaica
Stoneholm Capital -
Empire Investment Capital -
Trilium Financial Group - 888-832-1149
Emerson Financing -
Laconia Loan Services -
Selkirk Solutions -
Pro Credit Financial -
Union State Capital -
Suncrest Mutual -
Transdale Solutions -
Linden Financial Solutions -
RUCC Limited - 40 Wall St., New York, NY - Maria Greenspan 800-560-3513 x 515
Goldsboro Financial - 877-838-1494 or 207-951-9774 - - Bangor, Maine
Lowenstein and Mills Capital Group - Wilmington, DE - 877-867-0458
Castle Valley Lending Group -
Capital Alliance Financial Group -
The Holden Group - 877-562-9002 -
North Fairway Equity Group - 877-838-2604 -
Verizon Financial Group -
Cliff Smith Lenders - Nigeria
Central Park Financial Services - - 877-423-0498
Hillgrove Solutions - - 877-639-4049
World Loan Investment - London UK - - +447035945233
J&K Loans - - 877-842-9265
M and T Services -
Progressive Plus Mutual -
Intact Lending Group -
Hayden Financial Services- - 877-340-7984
McCane and Pape Financial - 888-300-9013
US Financial Corporation - 888-665-4861, 888-350-5060
Gilbert Gomer Loan Firm - - +60146255430
Amwell Capital - - 877-253-4879
Bingham Services -
America West Financial - - 877-267-6201
National Gateway Financial Services -
Capital4Invest - Edward Carl-
Garland Financial -
Personal Loan Lenders -
Nationwide Loan Lender UK
Gateway Financial Capital -
Intel Lending Group -
Norge-One Capital Investment -
Pinkerton Brokers - - 877-749-1132
Eastern Commerce Financial -
Signature Loans - - 877-676-5489
United American Trust -
Union State Capital Investments - 877-599-7747
Jose Finance PLC - Nigeria
Countryside Lending Services - - 877-833-8173
Fariss Financial Service - Earl Farris -
Progress Financial Services -
Rown Tree Financial - 888-601-9915 -
Embry Equity Solutions -
Chase Investment Lending Service -
Trigo Lending - 877-211-3371
Broadwalk Capital Funding - 888-306-4178
Haverhill Capital -
Greystone Financial Group -
Northeast Capital Solutions Group -
Direct Financial Service Corp -
Fast Track Lending -,
Medallion Investments -
Columbia Alliance Trust -
ELEANOR FORTUNE [Private Lender], 7 Wigmore Street London, W1U 1HY, United Kingdom,
International Funding Network - Chesterfield, VA - 877-457-8499
Wilway Investment Group -
Collinwood Capital -
Valley Brook Lending Services - 877-749-1126
WJ Financial (EPD Solicitors) - London, UK
Fisher and Coleman Financial Solutions -
Horizon Financial Capital -
US Financial Corporation -
Momentum Swift Solutions - - 877-367-0130
Community Business Resource -
Eastmore Lending Group -
Incom Lending Solutions -
Equity One Federal Funding -
FNIL Group -
1st Liberty Financial (aka FLF Inc.) - - 877-811-3633
Cashmere Solutions -
Vision Loan Referrals -
i-Funding Home -
East State Alliance - - 877-639-1089
U Lending Services - - 877-829-3688
Eastridge Capital Solutions - - 877-594-6799
L.L.T - Ontario, Canada - 800-213-3950
Chase Investment & Lending Services - - 888-588-1224
North American Financial Solutions -
First Union Lenders - - 877-384-4747
Capital Resource Intellect, Inc. - -
Freedom Horizon Group -
Companion Credit & Financial Services -
AB Financial Solutions - - 888-410-0250
Eavon Grant Financial Investment Co.
Loan Lending Tree -
Glencroft Solutions -
Sprint Lending Group - - 888-673-9229
Only One Solutions - -
Belfor Credit Group -
Mr. Payless -
Southtrust Lending Corporation - - 877-544-4578
Capital Express Lenders - - 888-287-8856
Johnson Brown Loan Company - Nigeria
Direct Access Online Services {D.A.O.S}
Havillah Financial Advancement Firm -
Bellmore Financial - - 877-379-5970
Bandwel Financial Group -
Argo Lending Group -
Finance 1 Inc. -
The Loan Company Essex Limited
Sainsburys Loans - UK
Simple Finance - 877-213-9363
Millenium Lending Group - - 800-713-9880
Lender Mortgage Service -, 3 Winchester Road, Kingston, Jamaica
Community Business Resource -
Norwood Financial - 877-594-6792
Clairview Brokers - - 866-780-7773
United Nationwide, LLC -
National Mutual Funding - - 877-877-6110
Willerson Financial Group - - 877-890-4415
Mr. Derek Smith -
Fast Global Loan Board Limited Company -
Citi Limited Investments - - 877-841-0707
Colton Financial -
Polaris Financial Solutions -
Corpus Recovery Group -
Stratford Financial Group - 877-268-0823
Edison House Investments - - 877-884-7357
Parks Financial Loan Inc. -
Phoenix Associates (aka Phx Associates) - Amhurst NY 14226 - 1-800-818-4511-X295
SMD Financial Corp - -
Maxwell Financial Services Limited - UK
Soft Loan Financial Investment -
Crescendo Financial Company - United Kingdom -
Phoenix Associates -
Working Loans Inc. -
Micro-Finance and Loans - Spain
Private Lenders Index - - 877-869-7331
Union National Finance Bank - England
My Next Pay Check -
Fifth Avenue Financial Inc - 550 taylor st suite 2208 - Vancouver BC v6b 1r1
U.S.A. Global Lenders - - 877-207-9220
Chase Investment & Lending Services (aka Chases Loan Services, ) -,, - 877 665-7818
Robson Solutions Lending Group (aka Rebuild Financial Solution) - 877-240-5519, 888-615-3339
Northern Quest Credit Union -
AfaxGold Finance -
Mrs Deborah Smith -
Ms. Anita Morgan -
Prudent Loan and Investment Company
My Simple Finance - - 800-731-0230
Pushingsky Loans Investment Organization Company -,
T&T International Loan Firm Company - +011234-706-559-9300/ +011234-805-478-2713
First Choice Finance Services - 888-458-0665 -
Investment Solutions - - 866-513-2552
First Priority Global Financing -
Mont Samson Financial - - 866-376-9561
Churchill Loan Funding Company - +234-805-115-2697 -
Zieher Lending Group -
Lincoln-Way Solutions - (877) 589-5771 -
Sofitel Solutions -
First Financial Loan LLC -
Avilios Capital Investments -
Generic Loan Investment - UK -
Prudential Mortgage & Loan Service Corporation (aka Prudential Financial Services) - - 229-389-5764
Happy Lenders, Inc.
Scotti Bruce Loan Company
Century Capital Group - - 800-243-6970
Rediff Perspectives - - 323-285-6479
Equiprime Loans - - 877-890-2813 - 585-287-4967
South Capital Bank - - 647-345-2115
Liberty Unsecured Loans -
Secondary Recovery Program - - 866-960-9992
Intl Funding Home - Malaysia
Woolwich Loans -
Selective Marketing Investment -
Levant Financial Institute -
Roswell Brokers - - 605-838-0150
Assurance Financial Services - - 888-257-9131
Capital Funding Group, Inc. Home of Finance - Nigeria
National Citizens Lending - - 877-308-8488
Paul Hooks Loan Financial Home - Malaysia
Goldblum Incorporated -
Wallace Chase Mgt. - - 877-665-7818
Woolwich USFG - - 888-235-2059
Willisburg Investment Group - - 877-559-4701 or 267-755-5332
Vivian Financials Agency, PLC -
Union Point Financial Group - - 877-530-9814
Loan Company Essex Limited -
Williams Capital Investment - England -
Whitestone Credit Union - - 877-762-1458
Robbert Edwin - United Kingdom -
Colictaca Investment Group -
Astreya Group - - 800-316-1499
Gateway Debt Solutions - - 302-450-1188
Money Max Financial - 730 15th Street N.W.,Washington, D.C. - 866-845-0516
Can Am Private Investors - - 888-576-1119
First Century Lending Inc - - 877-607-2722
Capital Express Lender - 866-208-7581
First Liberty Financial Corp - 1-877-943-1221 - - 113 N Hambden Street, Chardon, Ohio 44024 - 585-287-4967 - 416-220-7671
Amerilend Financial - - 877.333.7993
Darlehen 24 - - 888-615-3339
Tan Chua Loans Incorporated - Liberia, South Africa
Diamond Finannce - United Kingdom -
Financial Home Loan Inc. - United Kingdom
Financial Referals - - 877-562-0157,,
Guarantee Trust International Loan Firm - -
Prestige Finance Limited - London -
Eco Instituto de Finanzas -
A.G. Right Financial Services - 877-967-2272 -
First Union National -
Credit Alpha Limited -
Benchmark Foundation - - 888-705-0720
First Community Financial - - Amy Roselli - 876-884-6425 & 866-613-6425 - Jamaica
First National Financial Corp - - 877-616-1908
Savona Financial - 30 Oxcart Road, Aquinnah, MA - - 877-695-9608
National Gallery of Australia -
Millcroft Loan Center - - 877-334-1322
Nova One Loans - - 888-702-5119
Markwest Investment Group - - 866-927-8506
Quick Loans -
Millwood Loan Finders Group -
Assured Financial Services Inc. - - 877-512-5656
Leacrest Financial Solutions - - 877-423-1184 - 888-310-3350
Rapid Loan Services -
Loan USA Investments, Inc. - 877-432-1505
Norton Finance - Loan Company - United Kingdom
Royal Debt Solutions - - 603-678-4278
Assurance Loan Company - United Kingdom, Nigeria -
Direct Lend Network Center - - 877-594-2560
Schaffer Kaufmann Financial -,
First Choice Investment - - 206-333-1626
Napal Financial Services - - 877-389-2280
AMC Insurance & Financial Services (aka Fast Track Lending) - - 877-417-4037
Advance Access Lending Solutions - - 877-519-9001
Supreme Lending Group - - 877-244-4568
Raddisons Business Solutions - - 888-212-2146
First Universal Funding -
Online-Loans Limited -
United Financial Education and Services - - 800-680-4954
Main Stream Financial -, - Nigeria
Rebuild Financial Services - - 888-431-7444
Tina Loan Investments -,,
Heathland Loans - - 877-840-5681
First Universal Funding - - 877-254-0114
Garcia Fernandez Espaminondas (Moneyfacts Limited) -
Mrs. Marion Paz (Pease LOAN AGENCY)
Mr. Rolex (All you need FINANCIAL SERVICES)
Mr. James Wang (Top Citi Loan)
Mr Chris Armani (Shakespeare Finance Ltd)
Ms Cbellomz Michael (CBELLOMZ and children FIANANCIAL SERVICES)
Mr Williams Tutu (TUTU LOAN INC COUTTS banking group)
Charismatic Christian loan - Malaysia
Mr Brian Westmore - - United Kingdom
Trusted Loan Funding Company -
Balmoral Services -
Inception Financial Solutions - - 203-302-5168
Community Mgt Wholesale Lending Services - - 877-627-6886
Cadet Financial Institute - - 800-832-8660
Ardor Financial Solutions - - 877-387-1552
Goldstein Lending Group - - 888-420-8016
Westcor Solutions - - 866-314-9108
Alcina Lending Group -
Fast Forward Financial Direction -,
United Lenders America - - 866-261-2031
Rosemount Financial Services - - 877-491-0559
World One Financial Resources - - 877-661-0331
Selective Marketing Investments - 877-817-9197
Prudential Debt Solutions, Inc - - 401-369-8594
Johnson Brown Loan Company - Nigeria
Onexx Investment Advisory - - 888-596-0667
First Liberty Financial Corporation - -,
Capex Financial Solutions -
Dr. Saul Morris‏‏ - - United Kingdom
Ministry of Finance -
Charles Paul Loan Company -
Waltham Financial - - 877-524-7558
Symetra Consolidation -
Brewin Financial - - 866-264-0899, 877-483-8390
Ms. Kathrine Evelyn -
Shalom Advancement Services -
Jones & Trust Financial - - 877-483-8390
Xceed Lending -
Nigeria Union Bank -
Sapphire Lending Group - - 877-554-0484
Northwood Lending Finance -
Lakeside Loan Center - 90 Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Providence, RI 02908. - - 877-755-1368
Direct Access Online Online Services - United Kingdom -
Timbol Private Loan Firm -
DeShalom Advancement Services -
Decole Anna -
Loan USA Inc. -
Golden Key Investment - - 647-628-9734 or 877-904-8499
Bridgeport Mutual Lending Firm - - 203-983-9139 or 877-844-6687
Oasis Loan Investment (Oasis Financing) -
Guaranteed Loans of Accra, Ghana
All States Cash International - Nigeria
Cherish Investment of Nigeria
Micro Finance Company -
Mr Famous Peter CEO(MD) -
William Johnson -
David Gladis -
Freeman and Cole Financial - 877-848-0346
Shedrack Thompson -
Unity Bank Nigeria -
Royal Dublin Finance Company -
Woodson Loan Agency -
Tonox Loan Investment PLC -
Easy Fast Loan Company PLC -
Oliver Easy Loan Firm -
Brenett Easy Loan Firm -
Jenkin Easy Loan Firm -
Fountain Easy Loan Firm -
Financial Loan Firm -
Ann Easy loan Firm -
Victory Loan Company -
All States Cash Loan International -
Live Finance Company -
Benrum Loan Firm -
Southtrust Lending - - 877-554-4578
Main Line Concepts - - 877-657-6413
Brookhill Equity Group - - 877-796-6551
Olympus Equity Lending - - 888-407-0504 or 888-708-1940
Tall Pines Recovery Group - - 800-460-5670 -
Basic Recovery Program - - 888-299-3064
Elite Investments Inc - - 877-477-7712
Michael Walls - 447024083835 -
CPR Financial Services - - 877-738-1078
Clark Services Financial Limited - - United Kingdom
Debt Solution Services Now - - 302-450-1150
Rossland Financial - -
The Calico Group -
Barns & Bennett Financial - - 877-437-0343
Assini Financial Services - - 877-840-0001
Lincolnville Financial - - 877-885-5311
Brookhill Equity Group - - 888-796-6551
BCL Services (Bad Credit Loans Solution), BCL Solution - - 800-645-9303, 203-517-4895
Loan City -
Adelaide Financial Services -
Classic Financial Inc - United Kingdom -
Oasis Financing -
Brahma Funds -
Swift Financial Services - - 888-268-3907
Royal Alliance Credit Union - - 877-726-0070
Herbert Financial Solution -
James Wilsons Loans - India
Allen Hill Loans - 877-273-3551
Ludington Loans Company - - 877-228-5998
Porter Capital Corp - - 888-835-0348
First Canadain Group - - 888-484-9211
Paramount Investment Solutions - Malaysia -
Clarkston Investment Company -
Ocean Finance and Mortgages Limited -,
Guarantee Funding Loan Company - 206-426-1677
Pillington Investments -
Fresh Start Financial -
Unlimited Business Funding -,
Crestwood Lending Group - - 800-927-0932
Parker and Phillips Financial located - 877-848-0340
Star Point Lenders - - 877-721-4544
Allen Hill Trust - - 877-273-3551
Westfield Loan Center - - 877-461-2503
HSBC Loan Firm -
Sky Lenders PLC, London
Transamerica Funding - - 877-281-9161
Western Regional Financial - - 866-415-1393, 951-680-0069 or 876-550-3209
Twin Rivers Lending Group - - 800-297-3110
Haramaras Financial Group Loan Company (aka Haramaras Financial Mortgage and Insurance Company) - Greece -
Oceanic Wave Lenders Ltd. - Nigeria -,
Brightstar Financial Group - - 888-232-8426
Greenland Financial Alliance - 877-534-5156
Withers & Company, Inc - - 914-633-4100
Golden Gate Recovery Group - - 888-293-9542
Primary Lending Group - 877-807-3718
Green Bay Financial - Greenbayfinancial .com - 877-834-6337
Munro Lending - - 866-506-8856
Allco Financial -, 888-808-4261, 855-248-4455, 888-294-0933
Westfield Loan Center -
Epox Premium Finance Company -
Equity World Wide Firm -, 646-205-7908, 518-618-1047, 509-388-0339
Hollander Financial Service - Jacksonville Beach, FL - 866-542-6377
Fairgate Financial Group - - 866-614-0030
Benald Loan Company - Nigeria -,
Yates Financial Advisory - - 877-442-5478
Credit Park -
Access Loans Services -
Brown Billy Financial Loan Company
Guardian Debt Solutions - - 603-670-4286
Morrison Reid Financial Services - - 866-964-5211
Shoreham Financial Group -
Western Regional Financial -
Perkins Loans (aka Mr. Perkins) -
Crowntech Consulting Group - - 855-949-1000
Financial Services of America - - 877-298-9399
Lendway Financial - - 877-249-9307
Global Investment Corp - 877-230-7496, 866-647-0813, 888-827-2127
Guarantee Trust Loan Firm
Statewide Investment Funding Group -
Paramount Investment Solutions - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -
Kingston and Rossdale Lending - - 888-203-8484
Comtech Lending -
Bellingford Loans - - 877-488-9968
Minneapolis Trust - - 612-234-4123, 888-401-5024
Brooks and Watson - - 866-960-1859
US Financial Corp - - 985-447-5341
Metro Financial Investment Service - 800-363-9695
Skyler Loans -
Symetra Consolidation -
Mutual Money Financial Services - - 888-365-4443, 888-516-5554
Guaranty Debt Solution -
Edgefield Lending Group -
Brentwood Hill Alliance - - 866-960-1875
Credit Financial Investment - 888-400-8029
Stabalini Stanbic Ltd - +2348053366778
Datson Lending Group - - 877-686-3930
J Smith Firms - Lawani, Benin City
Capital Investment and Finance -
North Hampton Lending - - 855-488-3435
Ruskin Financial Group - - 877-712-1992
Atwater Brokerage -
Pillar Stone Equity Group - - 877-787-8005
Resource Funding Group - - 866-661-9991
Binbrook Solutions - - 800-647-3547
Balmoral Investment Advisory - - 888-885-9951
Edmond Loan Investment Company - England
Johson Edmon -
Datsun Lending Group - - 877-686-3930
Citygate Investment - London, UK
Santos Finance Firm (SFF) -
First Finance House - - London
Avexion Financial Services - - 800-987-5469, Justin Francis, Julie Ford
Direct Progressive Investment Groups -
Palm Gate Financial - - 800-548-9495
Anirad Globals Exchange - Malaysia -
Nelvana Financial Solutions - - 877-3009-315
Arison Lending Group - - 866-542-1988
Matalon Referrals Group - - 855-392-300
Alpine Lending Group -
Alliance Debt Solutions - - 585-507-4692
Credit Financial Investment - - 888-400-8029
Equity Loan Firm - London -
John Loan Lending Firm - Nigeria
Intercept Loans & Investments - - 877-254-5712, 876-259-2651
Konica Referrals & Lending Inc. - - 877-827-4654 -
Etrust Loan Company - Nigeria
Nat-West Loans and Finance -
Prudent Repair & Recovery Group -
Avesta Lending Group -
Promenade Lending Solutions -
Goldenkey Investment -
AP Business Network -
Randstad Capital Investment -
Havencrest Financial Services -
Public Financial Investments -
CitiPlus Financial -
American Internation Lending - - 855-652-5022
Trafalgar Foundations Lending Group - - 800-253-8550
Mutual Funds Lending Group - 886-885-2299, 877-708-7751
Cozart Financial Group -
James Brodock Financial Services - - 530-327-9332
Infinity Growth Lending Co -
Preferred Investors & Consultants - - 888-317-8070
Applestone Financial Group - - 877-864-3666
Hawkesbury Lending Group - - 800-983-3873
Dorothy Hook Loan Firm - UK
Cobot Capital - - 855-252-5485
RCCG Lenders - UK -
Kellon Investments - - 877-753-5757
Lexmark Lenders - - 416-333-1419
Mr. Thomas Wilson - - +2348071387590 - Nigeria
Weel Group Inc. - - 866-619-0219
John Michaels Loan Firm - Nigeria
Abu Abdullah Loan Firm - Nigeria
Buxton Brokerage - - 605-743-6268
Alstom Financial Inc. - - 888-568-0669
Nemo Personal Finance -
Apex Micro Financial -
Mr. Jesse Cook -
Platinum Capital Lending Group - - 877-703-8447
Femi Badmus Lilian Lending Company - UK -
aploan service -
Suffield Lending - - 855-554-5208
The Pegasus Trust -
Rebecca Roberts Loan Company - -
Trace Financial Group Inc. -
Capital Loan & Finance House - UK
Mr. Ben Rume - Ghana
Leberman Lending Network -
Freedom Financial Services -
Homelife Financial - - 866-647-0813, 888-578-2283
Fountain Trust Financials - 206-339-8573 -,,
Advance Core Financial Services - - 888-647-1140
Aariz Finance Limited - UK -
Liberty National Lending Enterprise - - 855-280-0305
Molina Financial Services - - 888-407-3993
Capstone Funding LLC - - 800-403-5054
Royal Mortgage Loan, Inc. - UK -
Mc Davicine Loan Company -
Prevalente Services - - 866-460-7211, 876-455-6878
Cenex Investments - - 855-213-1325
American Liberty Financial Solutions - - 855-281-3331
Montana Mutual - - 406-206-4787, 877-810-7024
United Financial - 888-495-8844
Accenture Loan Services -
Co-Operative Loans - UK -
Choice One Lending Firm -
Loan Insurance Company - Malaysia -
Reditfair Financial Inc -
The Lending Source -
Northwestern Funding Group - - 877-487-3343
Lanark Capital - - 855-786-7585
Solution Providers Online - - 888-578-4368
Ricardo Loans Investments - Nigeria -
Roycroft Brokerage - - 605-838-4756
Cyprus Alliance Advisory - - 888-428-1588
Lincoln Lending Bureau -
Havelocke Lending Group -
Brown Wilson - Ghana -
Primary Lending Group - 888-984-6669
BenRum Fast Loan Firm - -
Kate Nelson Loan Firm (Kate Nelson Lenders Group) - London,
Payday Loan Protection, EZ Loan Protection - - 888-897-8045
Safe National - - 877-368-2869
The New Hope Help Center -
Salco Financial Group - - 855-851-6050
Good Samaritan Office - Mr Cherry Clifford -
Harwood Finance - - 877-545-9745
D & K Finance - - 888-419-5460
Orange Finance Group -
Mayfield Credit - - 888-756-0658
Premier Prime Financing - - 855-791-3080
Norseman Financial Services -
Trifina Financial Services - Malaysia -
Comet Financial Home (CFH) aka Comet Loans -
Managed Financial Services - - 877-668-6690
George Garcia Loan Financial Services
Centenury Financial Investment - - 800-376-5510
Northern Financial Services - 800-605-1320
Federal Bureau of Illustration -
Crawford-spain & Loans -
Fairchild Lending Bureau - - 317-452-8910, 800-314-2305, 609-310-6594
Howard Financial - 877-506-5445
Preszler Financial Investment - - 888-563-8894
Trifina Financial Services -
Loan Services Co. -
Fresh Start Financial -
Thorncliffe Capital - - 866-355-5550
Northern Alliance Solutions -
Delta Trust Financial -
Northern Alliance Lending Group - - 888-541-0090
Henderson Trust - - 877-536-5445
Easy Access Funding -
Blu Lender PLC -
LoanSharkMoney -
Quantum Brokerage Services - - 855-230-6400
Metropolitan Law Group - - 888-318-1356
Camden Financial Advisors -
EZ-AXS Lending Group -
H.F.A.C. -
Clear Path Financial Solutions - 877-804-3960
Budinger Lending Network - - 877-307-9933
Fairfield Brokerage - - 207-809-7139, 866-609-2296
Charles Edrick -
Oracle Lending Group -
Global Payday - 202-241-7078
Harwood - 877-856-8559
Rapid Funding Group -
US Federal Grant Department - 206-866-5571
Lender name unknown - 877-524-6621 ,443-927-2411
Royal Lending Firm - - 888-656-5527
Candace Finance - UK -
Community Financial Investment Group Inc. -
Cashel Programs - - 855-726-9428
American Commerce Lending Group - - 855-284-4755
Sun Quest Financial - - 888-797-9946
Osprey Financials -
Avison Investment Group -
Direct Lending, Inc. - - 866-521-5445
Lenders Financial UK Limited
Imperial Capital Funding Co - - 855-216-3236
Sunridge Referrals -
Total Mutual -
Lacewood Financial - - 888-490-8884
OnTime Financing - - 800-694-5530
Ellington Lenders -
Archwood Lending Group - - 877-797-0090
Montri Loan Company - - +66-870-965-853
Harrismith Loan Firm - 716-616-9002 -
Erskine Solutions Limited - - 877-600-9282
Tri Star Financial LLC - - 888-675-0005
Brockview Lending Group -
Stanley Capitol - - 888-405-7856
Ragin & Rogers Investment - - 866-212-2664
Doncaster Lending Group - - 877-897-4699
Clark Private Lending Firm -
Loan Roidge Limited -
Herald Mortgage House - UK -
Boulter Lending - - 855-425-8178
Leaside Financial Investments - - 855-549-3643
Jones & Wenzel Investments - - 866-781-6065
American National Financing - - 855-765-6494
Parker and Watson Financial - - 866-559-1009
Chelsea Financial Limited - - 917-591-9447, 855-853-2410
Linux Capital Investment - London
QuinPool Financial Services - - 800-599-8162
Robinson Private Loan and Help Funding -
Equity Loan and Investment - Jonathan Rizo -,
Direct Access - UK -
Willows Finance Limited Loan -
International Credit Services - 855-795-7700
Alpha Finance Affinity Resources - - 855-391-8551
PLC Financial - - 855-766-2588
Allington Solutions Inc. - - 855-207-4957
Amerisave Loan Company - Bethesda, MD - 206-984-3150
Family First Financial Services - 888-734-1666
First Advantage Wealth Group - - 855-417-8202
Steven Jackson Private Lending
Coldwell Solutions - - 855-772-6161
AMACC Lending Group - - 855-258-8388
James Waller Loan Lender -
Universal Financial Loan Firm International -
Harris & Burke Financial - - 866-924-5599
Preferred Consultant Services - - 800-409-6250
Liberty Express - - 888-839-6216, 888-859-1547
Lansing Consolidation - - 855-386-6051
Pere Roberts Financial Service/Lender Company Inc
Westbourne Solutions - - 855-678-9694
Wallenstein Investments - - 855-881-0080
Stoneham Referrals -
Global Finance House - UK
Liberty National Trust - - 877-850-8836
Lefebvre Capital Management - - 206-501-4564, 877-660-0732
Farnell Group - - 800-249-9751
Clarkson Investment Company - UK
Garver & Associates - - 866-823-2593
Nitro Finance - London, UK -
Suncor Lending - - 877-832-3310
Credit One Total - - 312-554-5980
Alpha Finance Affinity Resources - - 855-391-8551
Advantage Investors Inc. - - 888-585-6898
Wilson & Thomas Financial - - 866-809-3401
Lonsdale Consolidation Limited - - 954-827-0300
James Hernandez Loan Financial Services - London, UK
Universal Lending Firm - - 877-896-1884, 646-527-8005
Unsecured Business Funding - - 866-366-1141
Arlin Funding Inc (aka Watts Funding ) - - 956-472-0055,,
Garver & Associates - - 866-823-2593
Economic Relief Resource - - 877-444-7874
Consumer Audit Pros - - 800-749-4166, 714-529-6600
Access Finance Inc -
Transouth Financial - - 800-385-0896
TryMark Equity (aka Trymark Mutual) -
Oracle Financial - - 888-855-1052
Ipendo Funding Service - Malaysia
Lincoln State Financial - - 877-611-0181
Integrity Lending Group -
Diamond Finance -
Principal Lending Services Inc. -
Absolute Debt Financial - - 305-810-8790
Achieva Financial Services Limited - - 855-458-4435
SKY Legal Loans -
Blu Lender Plc -
Safe Financial Loan Firm - - +60102527473
Brusco Solutions -
Sunshine Financial Loan Firm -
Crossnine Solutions - - 631-930-6226
Desired Consultant Services - - 800-958-4250
Zenith Investment Limited -,
Arevida Solutions Inc - 866-542-6377
Marshall Bradley & Associates - - 866-952-9997
Kingford Financial - 800-965-0627
Winsted Lending - - 855-736-9086
White Bruce Investments - Nigeria
Wakefield Financial - - 877-560-5775
Sync Associates -
Ameristate United Financial - - 866-981-7999
Real Value Financial - - 800-219-0966, 888-856-7771
Kentucky Lending Branch - - 877-210-7178
Live Micro Finance Inc - UK -
Plantinum Group -
Sun Loan Financial - - 877-745-1840, 877-224-9707
Yorkland Financial Solutions - - 647-453-9972, 877-532-1765
Amcap Solutions - - 647-453-8454, 855-483-9955
Unique Financial Services - Dr. Lames Goodies
Ocean Finance Company -
Mitchell & Rose Financial - - 877-942-5599
World Loan Finance - UK -,
Sunshield Solutions Group - - 855-213-7455
Mayfield Credit - - 877-235-6451, 718-989-9381
Huntington Financial Trust - - 877-900-9339
Hartford and Flemming Financial -
American Accredited Lending Group -
Richburg Financial -
Creighton Lending -
Applestone Financial Group - - 877-864-3666
Bowerman Financial Group -
International Monetary Funds - - 202-379-2845, 305-390-0580
Low Interest Loan -
Primary Elite Investments (aka PE Investment Group) - - 855-297-0200
Bavaro Investment Services Inc. - - 888-526-0664
A & P Financial - - 877-375-2022
Precession Financial - - 877-267-9253
Coleman Lending - - 877-327-1166
Humboldt Financial Trust - - 877-939-9443
Fair Harbour Financial - - 800-359-3880
All Purpose Loans (aka Money Solutions Ltd.) -
Rollans Legal Finances -
Acorn Solution Tree -
Cooperative Credit Union - - 800-956-4090
Loan Ridge Limited - Malaysia
Financial USA Services - 888-630-4134, 888-493-8222, 888-660-8940
Premier Charter Investment Solutions - - 866-712-7755, 855-718-9788

Lexington Capital Trust - - 877-619-6996
Desired Consultant Services -
Washington Equity Group - - 866-988-3368
Huntington Financial Trust - - 877-900-9339
Smith Precilia -
Birchmount Capital Lending - - 702-664-0094
Provident Capital Investments -
WETLAND-LOAN International -
Lansview Financial Group -
Northstar Lending Group - - 877-603-6336
Shiff Financial Solutions -, - 800-517-9250
Morgan Hill Financial Trust -,
- 888-939-0006, 877-564-5514
Briawood Finance Ltd - England
Eco Trust Funds - - 855-222-1228
Beanfield Liberty Solutions - - 888-808-4445
Skyview Financial - - 877-527-9994
Mutual Credit Solutions - - 877-745-1940
American Stimulus Funding Group - - 855-225-2800
Loan Finders SA -
Pinecrest National Funding - - 800-351-8912
Agudo's Financial Credit Solutions -
Simcoe Financial Services - - 800-531-8289
Silverland Financial - - 866-960-6326
Brentwood Brokerage - - 800-550-0807
Mill Right Financial -
Wealth Management Loan Services - - 855-373-6863, 876-437-3135
Scotty Financial Services -
Brad's Financial Services - Brad Macmillan
Fast Loan Services - - 209-753-4598
Moral Lending Bureau of America - - 800-401-9160
Ash Lawn Capital Trust - - 877-827-3882
Loan Ridge Limited - - UK
Stonegate Credit - - 416-859-6584
Guaranty Loan Investment Company, Nigeria -
Tior Capital LLC - - 877-401-5537
Sheikh Fahad Al Moajil -
Brooks Lending Group - - 320-438-2283
Northgate Financial Services - - 877-660-5566
Shoreham Lenders - - 888-899-6662
Ghali Marnwan -
Versatile Counsulting Ltd -
Benny McCane -
James Godwin -
Walker Phil -
Jay Smith - Micro Finance Bank Plc
Stonecreek Financial Services - 877 579-5995, 510-575-1709,
Stephanie Peters -
Blake Finance Limited -
Mike John -
Marian Licon -,
Zenith Savings -
Eddy Wakaman -
Info Finance Inc. -
The Diverse Finance Company (TDFC) - -
Godfrey Yorke -
Braxton Leo/Leo Braxton -
Spencer White -,
Richard Financial Advancement Services -
Williams Henry -
Yorke Firm -
Britannia Finance Limited -
Capital Source Lending (aka Briawood Finance Ltd) -
Lorena Investment and Loan - 206-426-3231
Loan Made Easy For All -
Alliance Trust Lenders -
Ghali Funding Investment Company -
Pilgrim Financial - - 888-746-9907
Lending Club Referrals - - 855-871-3178
Jessica Lauren - India -
Dominion Financial Services - - 888-848-3336
East Asia Financial Service - Malaysia - -
Northpoint Financial Services - - 877-849-1110
Joe Clarkson - Africa -
American Stimulus Funding Group - - 855-225-2800
Northgate Financial Services - - 877-660-5566
Mr Louis Abe -
Armstrong Lending Services of Seattle - - 206-299-0786, 877-225-3904
Direct Research & Loan - - 876-428-6634
Delta Equity Group - - 877-679-0003
Service Solution Providers, Inc. - - 866-675-9993, 866-928-6257
Western Lenders -
Southport Financial Services - - 866-559-1112
Easy Trust Group -, - 855-222-1228
Quickken Loans -
Provident Capital Investments - - 855-755-5429
Acclaro Finance - - 888-926-5548
Blake Smith lenders - Ecuador
Bronson Solutions -
Stacy Molly Credit Service - Nigeria -
Final Score Lending - - 855-701-4042
International Monetary Funds -
Financing Direct - - 713-474-2503, 877-211-5275
Fieldman Investment Solutions -
Corea Financial Service - Ecuador
Metcap Credit Solutions - - 312-244-3785
Dawkins Investment Group - - 888-666-1085
Eidson Solutions - - 855-594-5233
Venus Mgt. Group - 877-215-3766
Kennedy Financial Trust - 877-602-6662 -
Emerson Financial Broker - 888-829-5182
USA Money Lenders - 800-385-2811
Woodhaven Financial Group -
Midwest Alliance - - 866-956-9944
Easy Way Loans Funding (aka Netbiz Loan Funding) - 206-984-4544, 206-666-4003
Capital and Credit Lending - 646-527-8005, 877-553-0422 - United Kingdom
Logan Mutual Finance - 877-850-6790, 888-995-2724
Wall Street Lending - 800-437-3110
Suncor Financial Services - - 866-273-8182
Belvedere Financial Trust - - 877-927-9099, 646-217-3734
Nerissa Investment Solution - Nigeria -
Fidelity Financial Service -
Best Interest Capital Group - -
Stepps Financial Solutions - - 877-284-1041
Coast Hills Financial - - 866-677-6694
Casaloan Services -
David Stoltie Inc. - - 757-453-3843, 757-389-8237
Cynthia Loans -
Pacific Loans Inc - Malaysia - 209-224-9873
Conley Loan Center - - 877-459-8070
Armadel Solutions -
Cash 4 U Inc. -
Dominion Financial Trust - - 866-994-9889
Stand Point Financial Resources - - 877-355-2036
Alliance Financial - - 888-480-4861
Lend With Ease -
Infinity Trust PVT -
Guarantee Trust -
Universal Funding - - 949-500-0329
Lend Hill Finance -
First Charter Lending Resource - - 855-253-2888, 866-556-5071
First Heritage Financial - - 866-278-8877
Leading Edge International Limited - UK -
Sunridge Referrals - - 855-213-9689
Alliance Credit Relief Co. - - 855-671-8988
Nations Credit Financial Service - 877-278-5848
Chelsea Lending Firm - - 866-336-3386
Homelife Financial - 888-437-4112
Sunshine Finance Loan Firm -
1st Lincoln Lending - 866-469-2417
Tracy Bruce Loan Company - UK -
Epox Premium Security Finance -
Huntsville Financial - - 256-886-7304, 888-993-2771, 256-715-3352, 877-784-2681 - Nigeria
Waterfront Equity Group - - 877-762-3198
Van Wyk Financial - - 800-496-8910
Crown National Finance - - 734-215-1110
Winford Soltions -
Loan Roidge Limited -
Pennwest Financial Group - - 888-920-7760, 855-263-7713
Bakersfield Liberty - BAKERSFIELDLIBERTY.COM - 877-916-9393
Flagstar Financial Group - 877-998-2672
Concordia Equity Group - - 866-268-0038
Dr. Ali Melita -
Alan Loans Investment
Edwin Direct Finance Limited - 706-338-6007
Stewart Bishr International Lending Company
Home Loan Financial Corporation - 206-666-4003
Belltree Financial -
Emoria Capital Lending - - 888-962-0077
DangTheAn -
Direct Resource & Loan - - - 877-287-8941, 876-428-6634, 876-284-3496
FirstPlus Professional Loan Services - - 888-400-2005, 888-474-2169
Valley Stream Services - - 877-643-1453
Best Rate Lending Firm -, - 505-718-3088
Alpha Financial Services Ltd. - (+44)703-595-0868
Brenkus Services Inc - - 888-431-4114
Lending Club Network -
EQT Groups -
State Financial Solutions - - 888-437-4112
Harbor Equity Group - - 877-552-6953
Rescue Financial - - 877-996-9926
The Great Loan Center -
Auten Financial Group - - 888-407-5756
Tri Dot Financial - - 888-866-8925
Stratford Credit Solutions - - 619-202-7529
First Lincoln Lending -
Fresh Start Financial -
Tribeca Equity Group - - 877-343-4760, 646-810-3999
Mrs Patricia Lilian Financial Housing Loan Company - UK -
John Rainey Finance Inc. -
Willow Lending Services Inc. - - 800-945-4278, 800-817-3597, 877-301-6710
Capital Secured Lending Services - 800-374-7680
Winthrop Lending - - 855-865-5628
Maskell Financial Solutions Inc. - - 800-399-9120
Nationwide Finance (aka Nationwide Loan and Services) - 877-889-1496
America One Finance Solutions - - 855-233-2900, 917-398-1495
Materna Consolidation -
Cambria Equity Group - - 877-488-4326
Tricia Loan Services -
Grape Vine Investments - Malaysia -
New Image Referrals -
Absolute Debt Financial -
Imperial Lending Group (aka Imperial Capital Lending) - 888-715-9932
Moris Williams Lending House
Best Global Solution Inc. - - 877-571-6692
Contour Financial Solutions Inc - - 888-330-3523
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According to the Federal Trade Commission, it’s illegal for companies doing business by phone in the U.S. to promise you a loan and ask you to pay for it before they deliver.

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Another example of a scam – Dec 2010

Many scammers do no direct advertising but receive an online application that you have completed from one of the loan brokers. You receive a telephone call informing you they are calling in regards to your loan application that was submitted on XX date for XX amount and will confirm your personal information to you then inform you they have approved you for a $5k+ loan and then they send a commitment letter, loan terms agreement, loan disbursement schedule with request for 2 pieces of ID (one of which must be a Driver's License). When you have reviewed it all, agreed with the terms and conditions, you sign and return it to them by fax or scan into a computer and email it to them. Then they inform you the loan is being funded by a private investor who requires an Insurance Guarantee be obtained to guarantee repayment since you have bad credit and states you must remit the equivalent of 3 monthly payments by electronic means - usually western union or moneygram. After sending the money there will be silence until you call them. Then they must follow up with the private funder and get back with you, of course there is no return call. You call again, they just got off the phone and the investor has run "another" credit check and found your credit report has changed so now they want additional funds (could be 3 more monthly payments up to 6 monthly payments) for a more substantial insurance guarantee. If you decline they inform you that they will submit a request for your funds to be returned but it will be on the 15 or 30th of the following month. One key indicator up front is when you call the company, you only get to speak to a recording of an automated answering service who asks for your name which you speak into the receiver, and either the person you are calling will pick up or the call will go to an automated answering machine - it's a great screening tool so they know in advance who is calling.

Many of these scammers use a company name that is very similar to a legit company so that you think they are legit.

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5Aug/1013 scam emails

Below is a list of common scams involving emails. are used by many scammers because they can register a free email account in no time and nothing has to be verified. If you get an email from any email addresses below, do not respond because it is a scam.

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What to do if you gave your personal information to a scammer

Many people email us and ask us what they should do if they already gave out their sensitive info (i.e. social security #, bank account #'s, etc.) to a scammer. From what we have seen, most of these scammers are just out to try to get your money and typically they do not try to steal your identity as well. But that is not to say they couldn't. As a precaution we always recommend that you contact one of the credit bureaus to place a fraud alert with them. All you have to do is contact one of the 3 bureaus and they will report it to the other bureaus. The alert will last for 90 days (you can renew it longer) and you will be notified if anyone tries to open a new account in your name using your social security #. You can place a fraud alert online at


Another Example of A Scam Lender Email July 2010

See below where they want a $215 upfront fee. They will tell you that you are approved and will want you to send them the money via Western Union and then once you send it you will lose your money and never hear from them again.

We are located in Boise,ID.USA.Our firm offers secured loans and unsecured loans
from $2,000 - $250,000 within a time frame of 1-12 Years.We cater to clients from
the USA and Canada ONLY.

SECURED LOANS are at a 6% interest rate.Clients applying for a SECURED loan will be
required to have the following requirements:

i. Filled-out secured loan application form.
ii. Landed property i.e A building or land with equity attached.
iii.Credit score of at least 750.
iv. Checking account with Wachovia Bank or Bank of America


UNSECURED LOANS are at a 8% rate.They can be procured even with a bad credit within
48 hours depending on how fast a client presents all requirements which include:

i. Filled-out unsecured loan application form.
ii. Copy of Payslip as proof of income and employment.
iii. Mandatory fixed paperwork processing/transfer fee of $215 ( Not required except
application is approved )

From the above you can decide on which loan type you would be applying for.Look at
the requirements and ensure that you can provide them before writing us.We look
forward to transacting with you.

Nicole N. Goldblum
Secured and Unsecured loans.

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Another Example of a Scam Lender Application

See below for an actual scam lender contract. You can see that it looks very legit, but they are asking for an upfront fee. Once you send them their requested money upfront via Western Union, you will lose your money and will never hear from them again. See the highlighted section below in red where they are asking for this upfront money. Please remember to NEVER pay an up-front fee for a loan. This is always a scam.


THIS LOAN AGREEMENT AND PROMISSORY NOTE is made 19 June 2010, by and among XXXX XXXXXXX and Citi Limited Investments, a Corporation organized under the laws. XXXX XXXXXX and Citi Limited Investments shall collectively be known herein as "the Parties". In determining the rights and duties of the Parties under this Loan Agreement, the entire document must be read as a whole.


FOR VALUE RECEIVED, XXXXX XXXXX promises to pay to the order of Citi Limited Investments, the sum of $5,000.00 dollars together with interest thereon at a rate of 7 percent ( %) per annum on the unpaid balance with interest to be compounded annually (hereinafter, "the Loan Amount"). This is a term promissory note that shall expire 3 years from the date of execution of this agreement by the Parties (hereinafter, "the Maturity Date"). The entire outstanding Loan Amount (including principal and all accrued interest) shall be fully paid by XXXXX XXXXX to Citi Limited Investments or any subsequent assignee of this note, pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth below; however, in all cases, the entire outstanding Loan Amount shall be fully paid by the Maturity Date.


The BORROWER and Citi Limited Investments hereby further set forth their rights and obligations to one another under this Loan Agreement and Promissory Note and agree to be legal bound as follows:
A. Loan Repayment Terms.
BORROWER shall make monthly payments of $154.39 to Citi Limited Investments beginning 180 days after the execution of this agreement and continuing, every month thereafter on the monthly anniversary date of the first payment, until the Maturity Date. As defined above, the Maturity Date is 3 years from the date of execution of this agreement by the parties. At the Maturity Date, BORROWER shall pay to Citi Limited Investments the entire unpaid balance upon the Loan Amount principal and interest, if any. A total of 36 monthly payments are to be made by BORROWER to Citi Limited Investments under this loan agreement.

B. Loan Prepayment. BORROWER may prepay the entire Loan Amount due Citi Limited Investments (i.e., make payment prior to the time that it is due) without penalty; however, only a prepayment of the entire Loan Amount is allowed under this agreement.

C. Method of Loan Payment. The BORROWER shall make all payments called for under this loan
Agreement by sending check or other negotiable instrument made payable to the following individual


TO: LOAN AMOUNT $5,000.00
From this point on, the final processing of your loan will take approximately 1-2 business days. In order to make this process as easy as possible, please read the following and indicate your preference.
I would like my loan (PLEASE CHECK ONE BOX)
 Sent to me via courier (approx. 24-60 hrs)
 Direct deposit into my bank account (approx.6-8hrs expedited) or
(approx. 12-24hrs)

If you prefer the courier option, please fill out the following information

Name: (Mr./Mrs./Ms.)____________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
Telephone #: __________________________________________________________________________
Work Telephone #: _____________________________________________________________________

If you prefer the direct deposit, please fill out the following information.

Bank Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Bank Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Bank Telephone #: _____________________________________________________________________
Bank Transit #: ________________________________________________________________________
Type of Account (checking/savings): _____________________________________________________
Account #: ____________________________________________________________________________

One of our authorized agents will contact you in order to confirm the above information; and finish the final processing of your paperwork. Thank you for choosing Citi Limited Investments to help you reach your financial goals.

Date mm/dd/yy Applicant Signature Co-Applicant (If Applicable)

If Citi Limited Investments gives written notice to Borrower that a different address shall be used for making payments under this loan agreement, Borrower shall use the new address so given by Citi Limited Investments.
D. Default. The occurrence of any of the following events shall constitute a Default by the Borrower of the terms of this loan agreement and promissory note:
1. Borrower's failure to pay any amount due as principal or interest on the date required under this loan agreement
2. Borrower seeks an order of relief under the Federal Bankruptcy laws
3. A federal tax lien is filed against the assets of Borrower

E. Additional Provisions Regarding Default:
1. Addressee and Address to which Citi Limited Investments is to give Borrower written notice of default:
If Borrower gives written notice to Citi Limited Investments that a different address shall be used, Citi Limited Investments shall use that address for giving notice of default (or any other notice called for herein) to Borrower.

2. Cure of Default. Upon default, Citi Limited Investments shall give Borrower written notice of default. Mailing
of written notice by Citi Limited Investments to Borrower via U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail shall constitute prima facie evidence of delivery. Borrower shall have 15 days after receipt of written notice of default from Citi Limited Investments to cure said default. In the case of default due solely to Borrower's failure to make timely payment as called for in this loan agreement, Borrower may cure the default by making full payment of any principal and accrued interest (including interest on these amounts) whose payment to Citi Limited Investments is overdue under the loan agreement and, also, the late−payment penalty described below.
3. Penalty for Late Payment. There shall also be imposed upon Borrower a 2% penalty for any
late payment computed upon the amount of any principal and accrued interest whose payment to Citi Limited Investments is overdue under this loan agreement and for which Citi Limited Investments has delivered a notice of default to Borrower. For example, if the agreement calls for monthly payments of $500 upon the first day of each month and Borrower fails to make timely payment of said amount, Borrower (after receipt of a default notice from Citi Limited Investments) shall be liable to Citi Limited Investments for a penalty of $10 (i.e., $500 x 2%) and, to cure the default, the Borrower must pay to Citi Limited Investments the overdue loan amount of $500, interest upon the overdue loan amount, and a penalty of $10.
4. Acceleration. If the Borrower fails to cure any default on or before the expiration of the
fifteen (15) day cure period that starts on the date Borrower receives written notice from Citi Limited Investments that an event of default has occurred under this loan agreement, the entire unpaid principal, accrued interest, and penalties under this loan agreement shall accelerate and become due and payable immediately.
5. Indemnification of Attorneys Fees and out−of−pocket costs. Should any party materially
breach this agreement, the non−breaching party shall be indemnified by the breaching party for its reasonable attorney’s fees and out−of−pocket costs which in any way relate to, or were precipitated by, the breach of this agreement. The term "out−of−pocket costs", as used herein, shall not include lost profits. A default by Borrower which is not cured within 15 days after
receiving a written notice of default from Citi Limited Investments constitutes a material breach of this
agreement by Borrower.
F. Parties that are not individuals. If any Party to this agreement is other than an individual (i.e., a
corporation, a Limited Liability Company, a Partnership, or a Trust), said Party, and the individual
signing on behalf of said Party, hereby represents and warrants that all steps and actions have been
taken under the entity's governing instruments to authorize the entry into this Loan Agreement.
Breach of any representation contained in this paragraph is considered a material breach of the Loan
G. Integration. This Agreement, including the attachments mentioned in the body as incorporated
reference, sets forth the entire agreement between the Parties with regard to the subject matter hereof.
All prior agreements, representations and warranties, express or implied, oral or written, with respect
to the subject matter hereof, are hereby superseded by this agreement. This is an integrated agreement.
H. Severability. In the event any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be void, invalid, or
Unenforceable, that provision shall be severed from the remainder of this Agreement so as not to
cause the invalidity or unenforceability of the remainder of this Agreement. All remaining provisions
of this Agreement shall then continue in full force and effect. If any provision shall be deemed invalid
due to its scope or breadth, such provision shall be deemed valid to the extent of the scope and
breadth permitted by law.
I. Modification. Except as otherwise provided in this document, this agreement may be modified,
superseded, or voided only upon the written and signed agreement of the Parties. Insurance fees must be paid once an approval offer has been made to the Borrower from another financial institute after these contracts have been signed. Any Taxes that the borrower has incurred must be paid prior to issuing. Any violation of credit or personal information; done to the borrower or that the borrower is aware of or is knowledgeable of; must then be insured. Further, the physical destruction or loss of this document shall not be construed as a modification or termination of the agreement contained herein.
How loans can be paid off early.
When we lend you money, we expect you to pay it back on demand, or, as long as we permit, according to the payment schedule in this Statement. You may however pay off all or part of your Loan early. If your entire Loan payments are up to date, you can pay off some or the entire principal amount owing at any time. When you make a prepayment on your Loan, all interest owing up to and including the date of prepayment must also be paid immediately.
You cannot transfer your rights under this Statement to a third party. You acknowledge that we may transfer our rights in your promissory note to a third party. You agree that we may give any information relating to your Loan application, Promissory Note or this Statement, including your financial information to a proposed transferee.
We may withdraw this statement (which takes 10-15days and that may vary) and refuse to lend you money if you do not meet the criteria set by Citi Limited Investments to borrow money. Refund orders are processed within 10-15 days and are sent by mail.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF and acknowledging acceptance and agreement of the foregoing, BORROWER and Citi Limited Investments affix their signatures hereto.

We hereby acknowledge our complete financial commitment of $5,000.00, USD, once receipt of $926.34 is received. This will secure the interest rate of 7% and the amount approved for $5,000.00.
If more than one of you has signed the Promissory Note, communication with one of you is considered to be notice to all of you.
This Statement and all related documents have been executed in the English language at the express wish of the parties.

This document verifies that BRIAN STALEY has been given a loan of $5,000.00 for a 3-year term, at a payment of $154.39 per month, amortized at a fixed interest rate of 7%. The collateral Payment of $926.34 is deducted from your total payback of $5,557.83.

Date: June 19, 2010

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my official seal this ____ day of
___________________, 2010.
(Signature) ) (Borrower Name)
) (Co-Borrower Name)


Randy Wagginton
Citi Limited Investments

Please Retain This Document For Your Records.
Additional Copies Will Be Subject To A Nominal Fee
Registered trademark Citi Limited Investments.
™ Trademark of Citi Limited Investments.

POLICY TYPE: This is to certify that the policies of insurance listed below have been issued to the insured for the policy period indicated. Not with standing, any requirement, term or condition of any contract or any other document with respect to which this certificate may be issued or may pertain, the insurance afforded by the policies described herein is subject to all terms, exclusions and conditions of such policies.
POLICY PREMIUM: $ 1,750.00
LOAN AMOUNT: $ 5,000.00
TERM LENGTH: 3 years
SPECIFIED UNCERTAINTIES: Covers the policyholder against loss of income caused by the following.
Death: Protects against death caused by accidental occurrence. This also protects against death caused by medical affiliation to natural causes.
Loss of Job: Protects against loss of employment due to circumstances beyond one’s control, such as company layoff/cutbacks, and illness.
Long Term Disability: Protects against medical disability for over a year. Must be medically diagnosed and fulfill the terms for recovery as specified by a qualified physician.
On behalf of Citi Limited Investments insurance, we would like to welcome you as a valued client. Our service representatives will be responsible for handling all your account details, once your loan requirements have been met.

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FTC Creates “Teaser” Website to Help Consumers Spot “Advance Fee” Loan Scams

The Federal Trade Commission has created a “teaser” website for a fictitious lending company that warns consumers about how easy it is to be fooled by scammers charging up-front fees for bogus loans. The site also explains how to spot and avoid loan scams.

The website is part of a consumer education campaign to help consumers manage their money and learn to recognize scams.

At, consumers enter the fictitious world of Esteemed Lending Services, where a loan for every situation is guaranteed. The site claims qualified loan specialists will help you find a loan for any purpose, or consolidate your high-interest debt – regardless of your credit history.

But when consumers click to learn more or apply for a loan, they will discover that Esteemed Lending is not a real company. The website provides information to warn consumers about scammers masquerading as lenders. These scammers start by promising loans, only later revealing a fee that consumers have to pay first. If they pay, it’s unlikely they will see the promised loan, and they run the risk that their personal information will end up in the hands of identity thieves. The site also gives consumers tips to help spot an advance fee scam, and includes links to more information from the FTC.

This website and other FTC “teaser sites” are available at

Source: FTC

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Another Example of A Scam Lender Email

See below for an actual scam lender email trying to get a consumer to send to a so-called "collateral payment. These scammers tell you that they need this before they can send you the money and then once you send them this payment, you will most likely never hear from them again. Some lenders will keep coming back to you saying they need more money and at that point you feel that you need to keep sending in more so that you don't lose the original money you sent in. They will just keep stealing more and more money from you. Please remember to NEVER pay an up-front fee for a loan. This is always a scam.


In regards to your inquiry, we wish to inform you that you will be
expected to make a one time payment for the loan security charges
otherwise known as the Non-Collateral deposit.This deposit is to be
paid after your loan has been approved but before your loan is
transferred.It varies with the loan amount.Below is a brief outline
on the variation in total loan charges required before the loan can
be transferred to you.

LOAN RANGE..........................CHARGES RANGE
$5,000 to $50,000 ....................$259 to $559
$50,000.00 to $500,000............$559 to $859
$500,000 to $2,500,000.............$859 to $2,359

Once you send in the application information as requested, the loan
documents will be sent to you for signing. As soon as your signed
document is received, you will be advised on how to make the payment and
as soon as your payment is received, the loan will be transferred to you
immediately. The whole process should not take more than 72 hours if you
are quick in response.

Just go ahead and send us the required application information so that we can
process the loan and send you loan documents showing the loan terms and total
charges required.


Kamis Sadiq,
i-Funding Home
(+60) 166-476-342
No 1A and B, Medan Sri Intan
Jalan Sekolah, Putrajaya 62200, Malaysia.

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Example of a Scam Lender Application

 See below for an actual scam lender application.  Notice the area highlighted in red text where the lender is asking for up-front insurance/collateral.  This is ALWAYS a red flag that a lender is scamming you if they are asking for this type of up-front fee. Many lenders will also trick consumers by saying if you pay 6 months of payments up front as insurance, then you won't have to make a payment for 6 months. Don't fall for this because it is a total scam. Once you send them their up-front fee via western union, you will not hear from them again and your money is almost impossible to recover because these scammers operate outside the United States.


454 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10022

Phone # 1-877-557-5717

FAX# 1-800-306-8111









To return documents by Fax:

*Fax only signed or signature pages (total of 5 pages)*

Include 2 pieces of Identification (1 Photo I.D. required i.e. drivers & Credit card or S.S.N) to be photo copied on blank sheet of paper

Urgent       For Review        Please Comment        Please Reply               Please Recycle                                                                                                               


   may 18th, 2010                                                                                     reference number: LA239876

                                                                                                                                  rep: Carla Dawson ext#112.                   

      Dear: #####    

You can rest assure knowing you have made the right decision by choosing MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS to act on your behalf, in finding an appropriate solution to your financial needs. MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS has been committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals since 1987.  Our owner and Co founder, Ronald Taylor, vision is to win loyal clients through excellent customer service and as a result 100% customer satisfaction.

We respect your privacy and guarantee the information you have provided to us will remain confidential.  We see this as our responsibility and the minimum standard for meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations.

At MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS we realize carefully planned budgets may not always stretch as far as you may need them to.  Borrowing is always an option that can be taken, yet for some; it may make life more complicated than easy.  Here at MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS we welcome all of your questions. We will work with you exploring all financial options available to you. Our company is committed to treating our clients with courtesy, professionalism and respect.   

MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS would like to take this time to congratulate you and inform you that we are in receipt of all the necessary documents necessary to process your loan application.

Here at, MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS we abide by all laws governing documents handling for identification purposes.  All documents supplied to us are used solely for the purpose of obtaining your loan.   This information is confidential and cannot be released without the verbal and /or written consent of the client.  We trust that all information provided on your application is accurate.  Failure to provide correct information on your application could result in this contract determined null and void.

Thank you for accepting the terms and conditions negotiated on your behalf by MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS who will be securing the loan on your behalf. 

Based on the information you have provided, we have obtained a lender to process and approve your loan request of $7,000.00USD on a Secured Basis. Your representative, Carla Dawson, has outlined the 2 options in which you may secure your loan (Refer to Page 5 & 6 for Security Options).

The Insurance Coverage protects the lender in the event you refuse to pay back the negotiated terms due to the fact that you the client have become unemployed, or, have relocated without notification.

Welcome to MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS. We have adjusted your terms to suite your personal and financial needs. We hope that we can work with serving you better than ever before. And we thank you for your partnership.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Senior Operating Manager  



Long Term Loan Plan Program Agreement

certain sums of money as specified in the following program schedule set out below, provided:

(A) Applicant meets the qualifying criteria described below;
(B) Applicant is never more than 30 days past due on any loan payments.
(C) Applicant strictly complies with all terms and conditions of the Loan Program.
(D) Applicant sends in the Insurance Coverage or the Collateral/Advanced Payment in the allotted time that has been discussed.

Post 90 day Grace Period (3 months) of our firm receiving the Insurance Coverage, you, the client, will be reimbursed the full portion of the Insurance Coverage, if your first 3 payments are made on time.

The following is an example of the loan and payment plan for the loan if the applicant should agree to all of the above requirements.


Term  Loan Payment Int. Paid Principal Paid  
4 years $5,000,00 105.00 8.65% $6,100.00  

The chart included on this page is an example of the loan and payment plan Program, if the applicant should agree to all the above requirements.

1) Sign the promissory note for your loan in the proper place;
2) Make all required payments; 


         This agreement is accepted on the ___  18th                                 ____ day of __May_,   2010

                Applicant's Signature 

Company Name


Applicant Name (please print)   __________                                Phone# _____      ________________
Address:                                                  City:                                 St                                       
Zip Code :                      Email :                                                     SS #                                                      

Complete and sign all documents. Please make a copy of all documents for your records.

MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS has reviewed all documents and this agreement.
This is part1 of the agreement between the client and our firm. Please read and sign the Terms and Conditions and the Policy and Procedures agreement before signing this agreement

Terms and Conditions Agreement

In order to obtain a Loan through our firm the following terms and conditions must be understood and agreed to by the customer:

1) Customer must comply with all the terms and conditions outlined in these documents
2) Customer must fill in and sign all necessary documents to complete the loan process.
3) Customer must secure the ($7,000.00USD) loan and return all signed documents, to our firm by Fax or E-mail.(This is for the protection of the customer as well as our firm.)
4) A customer may apply for more than one Loan Plan Programs at one time; All Loan Plan Programs are initiated and processed within 4-7 business days after receipt by our firm. 
5) All loans will be issued on a "first come, first served" basis with existing customers being given priority in the month in which they have applied. When you become a customer, you will be placed in this priority category.


6) Customer agrees and understands that in order to not default on their loan program with our firm, they will perform the following:


A) Date and Sign the Promissory Note.
B) Make the required payments.
C) All payments must be received as stipulated by the representative.
Note: If these conditions are not strictly adhered to the customer understands and agrees that this Loan Plan Program and all other Loan Plan Programs that the customer holds will be in default.


  8) Customer agrees and understands that it is the sole responsibility of the customer to keep the loan from going into default. If, for any reason, any of the customers Loan Plan Program(s) goes into default because of error, misunderstanding or oversight on the part of the customer, the customer agrees to hold our firm completely harmless of any liability.
  9) Customer agrees and understands that managing the funds received by the customer is very important.
10) Customer agrees and understands that this is a continuation page of the Long Term Loan Program Agreement, and that this is a contract and agreement between the customer and our firm, and that by signing this page the customer has read all pages and understands and agrees to all stipulations and agreements.


All agreements have been reviewed by MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS.


By signing this agreement I agree with all the terms and conditions of this International Loan Program with MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS.




__________                      ______    ___      By: MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS.          

 Applicant Signature             Date                      




MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS secured loan coverage was introduced into the financial loan industry as a method to protect the lender (s) from the occurrence of default upon the loan agreement. This acts as a safeguard against loan default and protects the lender in the event that the loan recipient forfeits on the Conditions of the Agreement. The loan recipient is protected from specified/uncertainties that may prohibit the appropriate payment of the loan as specified in the loan agreement. MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS has significantly altered the way loans can be granted and somewhat leveled the playing field in terms of following increased opportunities for individuals to compete effectively in today’s national and global economy.



Please Review the Security Options Carefully



Option 1:


Advanced Payment/Collateral Payment: This loan is fully approved upon an up front secured basis policy and the funds are available for release to the borrower based on the following condition. The borrower(s) hereby promises to pay the first Five (5x) monthly payments of $176.00 totaling the Collateral sum of $840.00 where as this total amount will act as Collateral. The benefit(s) of this Option is that the borrower(s) will not require a Co-Signer. The borrower will be the Sole Beneficiary of this loan amount for both personal reasons and to restore his/her credit status. No lean or hold is acquired against the borrower(s) assets, property, or vehicle whereas the total Advanced Payment substitutes as Collateral.  The loan shall bear simple interest, which will accrue at the rate of 8.75% per annum. Your first payment of $176.00, thereafter, becomes due (7) months after receipt of your loan therefore the payment of $176.00 is due the month of December the borrower would have made due with his/her first (5) payments in Advanced along with the reward of a 30 Day Grace Period which eliminates the borrower(s) 6th payment. When signed, this agreement will continue for duration of the loan. Any scheduled payment not received within 10 days of due date shall incur a $25 late fee, which, if not paid together with the underlying payment within five days, shall become part of the principal and accrue interest thereon until paid in full. An advance payment or payments may be made on the Principal, without penalty or forfeiture. However, penalization will occur if borrower intends to pay off loan in its entirety within 12 months/1yr.











 Option 2:


Insurance Coverage: This loan is fully approved upon an up front secured basis policy in the amount of $1,500.00 and the funds are only available for release to the borrower based on the following condition(s). Borrower(s) assures MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS and private lender that you will comply with the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. This will give our lender confidence, given your credit status; you will neither default nor be delinquent on any of your scheduled monthly payments. The undersigned will be protected over a (12) Twelve Month period whereas MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS will make due with the borrower(s) monthly payments of $176.00 if job loss, severe illness or serious injury occurs within the duration of the stipulated loan term. This option rewards the borrower(s) a 60 Day Grace Period whereas the first payment of $176.00 will be due in the month of July 2010 upon the 60 Day Grace Period expiry. The Insurance Coverage amount of $1,500.00 will be reimbursed to you, the client at the end of the rewarded 2 Month Grace Period and following (4) consecutive payments made due on his/her monthly scheduled payment date.

 These options, both Collateral/Advanced Payment & Insurance Coverage will allow the customer with a poor credit history or no credit history to have a loan which might not otherwise be available through other financial resources and provide a means with which to rebuild credit. Once the customer has demonstrated good credit habits, the customer will be well on their way to getting a good credit rating.  When you have managed all of your loan obligations responsible for 12 months, you will be eligible to graduate to an unsecured loan through MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS or any other financial establishment of preference.

  • Whether you are just starting out, or making a fresh start, MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS offers you a chance to establish a credit history that will benefit you now and in the future.


  • A good credit rating gives you the freedom to make choices. 


  • MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS loans allow customers with a poor credit history or no credit history with a loan opportunity which might not otherwise be available.


  • Once you have demonstrated good payment habits, you will be well on your way to getting a good credit rating and/or re-establishing good credit. 


  • ·         When you have managed all of your loan obligations responsibly over a period of time, we may be able to move you to another great loan product without requiring you to secure your loan.


At MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS, we make every attempt to find solutions to our customers’ financial difficulties.  If you have experienced problems getting approved for a loan due to lack of credit history or past credit problems, we have the answer for you: our secured loans.  You will enjoy all the benefits of a regular loan at a nominal interest rate of 8.75% APR.






Policy and Procedures Agreement

All loans are given with the acknowledgement of these policies and procedures.

In order for the Loan Plan Program to continue, each participant must follow the rules and guidelines below.


After the customer has received their loan documents, they must sign and return the following items:

         1) The Long Term Loan Plan Program Agreement.
         2) Terms and Conditions Agreement
         3) Policies and Procedures Agreement
         4) The Initial Promissory Note

Note: All of the above items must be completed and Faxed/E-mailed to our firm. Receipt Requested, in order to allocate the loan. These conditions exist for the protection of the customer and our Lenders.


Customer agrees and understands that because of the risk associated with personal loans that our firm will require the loan to be secured.  


Client agrees to and understands that all conversations, all correspondence between the client, the representative and our firm, MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS, will be recorded for quality and legal purposes and may be used as evidence in a court of law.


The Long Term Loan Plan Program Agreement, Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures, and the Promissory Note all form a contract between Lender (our firm) and Customer. Article 1, Section 10 of United States Constitution - “Right of Unlimited Contract”, protects this contract.


Customer agrees to and understands that the figures displayed on the chart of the How It Works  page is only an example of how the program works, and only applies if the applicant complies to the terms and conditions outlined in this contract.


Customer agrees to and understands that the applications process for new Loan Plans can only be applied for through the use of the forms generated by the application referral companies. Customer must submit accurate information prior to their applications being processed.


The Customer agrees to and understands that each month there are a limited number of loans available for processing. This is an International Loan Program and loan applications are processed as they are received, on a "first come - first served" basis. Once the loan has been approved and the applicant (s) is in receipt of necessary documents failure to response will result in termination of your loan, the amount requested will be allocated to other applicants.   




The client agrees to and understands that this is the 3rd part of the Long Term Loan Program Agreement, and that this is a contract and agreement between the client and our firm, MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS. By signing this page, the client has read all three pages and understands and agrees to all the conditions and stipulations in this agreement.

MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS has reviewed all agreements. By signing this agreement, I agree with all the terms and conditions of this International Loan Program with MEDALLION FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS.

Applicant Signature: ____________________________ 


Date: _______________                                    







Loan Amount:$7,000.00 Loan #:  LA239876
Principal Amount: $8,448.00  
Interest Rate: 8.75%  

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby promises to pay Medallion Financial Investments the principal sum of $8,448.00 together with interest, at the rate of 8.75% The Collateral payment of $840.00 or Purchasing Insurance in the amount of $1,500.00 or being due within 5 business days of an applicant’s notification of approval starting 05.18.10. This start date will be determined and entered on the bottom of this agreement by the representative. When signed this agreement will continue for duration of the loan.

This loan is issued to: #####                                                                                            

      Address: #####    City: #####    State: ##    Zip Code: #####

Phone# ############

Work# #############

This agreement when signed and dated by both parties becomes a binding contract.

___________________________________ _________________ 
Applicant Signature Date
   By: Medallion Financial Investments. (05.18.10)                     








Disclosure Statement, Note and Security Agreement

Annual Percentage Rate: Fixed 8.75%
Loan Amount $7,000.00
Principle $8,448.00
Insurance $1,500.00


Method Borrower has chosen to secure loan

  • Collateral Payment
  • Purchase Insurance
Late Charges If payment is 10 days late, the client will be charged a fee of $25.00 or up to 5.0% of the amount of the late payment.
Prepayment Schedule Number of Payments:  #48
  Monthly Payments:   $176.00
  Payments commence when the grace period is over (applies to Insurance option only).


We are in receipt of all relevant documents. You are required to send your secured amount of $1,500.00USD or $840.00USD.  The secured amount will secure the loan on your behalf and authorize the release of your funds immediately.

The final processing of your loan from this point will take approximately 3-4 hours. In order to insure prompt and accurate delivery of your funds, please read the following choices and indicate your preferences.

Your funds can be allocated through one of the following methods:

  • Sent to you via FedEx, which will take 24 hours
  • Direct deposit in your checking/savings account, which will take 3-4 hours   


POLICY TYPE:  This is to certify that the policies of insurance listed below have been issued to the insured for the policy period indicated. Notwithstanding, any requirement, term or condition of any contract or any other document with respect to which this certificate may be issued or may pertain, the insurance afforded by the policies described herein is subject to all terms, exclusions and conditions of such policies.

Basic Coverage: Long and Short Term Disability

Standard Coverage:  Long and Short Term Disability, Loss of income

Full Coverage: Death, Loss of Income, Long and Short Term Disability, severe Illness,

*Note: All new clienteles must obtain a “Full Coverage” policy as a mandatory requirement before loan dispersal*

POLICY TYPE: Standard Coverage

BORROWERS:  ########   


LOAN AMOUNT: ($7,000.00)

TERM LENGTH: (4yrs/ 48months)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

_______________                 ___________________          

 Date (mm/dd/yy)                    Applicant Signature

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A Typical Scam and how it works

People responding to the attractive offer were asked to give personal details by the company as a part of processing of their loan request. Unsuspecting people gave away such vital information as their Social Security Number and bank account details to the firm.

A few days later, victims received calls informing that their loans had been approved. But there was a catch: in order to have the loan amount transferred, they would have to pay 5 monthly installments as collateral, upfront. This was due to their low credit profile, it was explained.

Police say, this by itself should have warned victims of the scam. No company asks for collateral payment while giving away loans. Such scams are also known as Advance Fee Loan Scams for this very reason.

The victims were asked to pay using Western Union money transfer. They were told to relay the code number received from Western Union as proof that they had deposited the money. This was important for the fraudsters because this enabled them to withdraw the money from anywhere. Money can be picked up anywhere in US or outside the US. All they need is a number to get their money. Be aware if the money transfer is less than 1000 dollars, they don't have to show an ID to get the money.

After some time when the victims called again, they were informed of a change in company policy. It now wanted them to submit ten installments instead of five, as collateral.

The third time the victims contacted the company, they were told to submit $1000 as Insurance fees. Then, they went missing…


BBB warns consumers of dangers of advance fee loan scams

Belmont, Mass. — The current state of our economy is hitting consumers hard. Prices are increasing for everyday necessities and making it difficult for people to make ends meet. For some, loan opportunities seem to be the most logical and cost effective way to lessen the burden of overdue bills. BBB advises consumers to be cautious when deciding on a financial institution as this is a prime time for illegitimate loan businesses and scammers to prey on vulnerable consumers.

"These businesses promise consumers, even those that are unqualified, that there is a high probability that their loan will be approved. Especially for consumers with bad credit or no credit history this can be a very tempting offer," said Paula Fleming, vice president of communications and marketing. "The scammers then take off with the processing fee for a loan that will never materialize."

Following in-depth research stemming from numerous customer complaints, BBB has concluded that the following businesses appear to be running advanced-fee loan scams:

· Trilium Financial Group – Burlington, Ver.

· Morrow Park Financial – Coventry, R.I.

· Great Trust Solutions – Portland, Maine

· Convention Lending Group – Providence, R.I.

· Citizen Investment Group – Providence, R.I.

· Delphia Solutions – Yarmouth, Maine

· Mutual Lending Solutions – Boston, Mass.

· Next Wave Solutions – Ashland, Mass.

· Richview Financial – Andover, Mass.

· Welland Bankers Foundation – Boston, Mass.

· Royal Advantage Group – Portland, Maine

· Northern Consolidation Group – Wakefield, R.I.

· Greenpark Lending – Sudbury, Mass.

· Keystone Lending Group – Coventry, R.I.

Many advance-fee loans are promoted in the classified sections of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines. Often, the ads feature toll-free 800, 866, or 877 numbers. The loans are promoted through multiple websites. The websites look professional and often boast credentials. The fact that a website exists doesn't guarantee that the business is trustworthy.

Illegitimate offers typically require consumers to pay thousands up front. Canadian law enforcers caution that it is highly unlikely that legitimate Canadian lenders would take a risk on U.S. citizens whose credit problems preclude them from getting a loan in the U.S. Legitimate offers of credit do not require an up-front payment. Although legitimate lenders may charge application, appraisal, or credit report fees, the fees generally are taken from the amount borrowed. Additionally, these fees are usually paid to the lender or broker after the loan is approved. Legitimate lenders may guarantee firm offers of credit to "credit-worthy" consumers, but first they evaluate the consumer's creditworthiness and confirm the information in the application.

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