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What to do if you gave your personal information to a scammer

Many people email us and ask us what they should do if they already gave out their sensitive info (i.e. social security #, bank account #'s, etc.) to a scammer. From what we have seen, most of these scammers are just out to try to get your money and typically they do not try to steal your identity as well. But that is not to say they couldn't. As a precaution we always recommend that you contact one of the credit bureaus to place a fraud alert with them. All you have to do is contact one of the 3 bureaus and they will report it to the other bureaus. The alert will last for 90 days (you can renew it longer) and you will be notified if anyone tries to open a new account in your name using your social security #. You can place a fraud alert online at

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  1. henderson trust- they called me and told me i was approved for a home loan. they emailed me legal documents to read and sign and fax back to them by a certain day.after several calls i was told i had to send a payment in the amount of the first payment of the loan as a secured payment but that it was going to be put into my account after i recieved the loan.then i was given an address in kingston jamiaca to western union the money and that’s when they would get my banking information to deposit the loan with in an hour i would have it.being so close to the situation and happy i was fineally going to buy a home i was ready to do it.but the the grace of god and my boys i would have.they told me to wait till monday(it was fri) so they could look into it.jamiaca tipped me off.i found this site, typed in henderson trust and there they were several complaints about a money scam.

  2. called me and and told me that I was approved for a 10000 dollar loan but that I needed to western union the 1st 4 months payments to them. The address was in Spain that i was sposed to send the money to. Did not end up sending them the money but they have my bank info which I will be changing directly. They are definitely looking to scam people. Look out for them!!!!!

  3. hi can you check for and MR.WANG LEE LOAN COMPANY see it these are legit loans or not. thanks…

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