Scam Lenders

Thinking about using a particular lender but not sure if they are legit? We get emails every day from consumers asking us to research a lender to determine if they are legit. Below are some recent lenders that we have determined to be a scam.

List of Lenders that are a SCAM

cantex lending group
caldera financial group
sunnyequity group
Hazelton Financial -
Camden Lending -
Goldwyn Financial
Strategies Co -
Kensington Financial Services -
Consumer Credit Services -
Agnew Advisors
Southeast Trust
Emerson Financial
Stratford Referrals -
The Transamerica Finance -
Ontrack Credit Consultation -
Bad Credit Loan Sources -
Ameriprise Advanced Capital Trust -
Micro-Finance & Loan
Loan Works USA -
Atherton Equity -
Credit Hub -
Treasure Valley Financial
American Commerce Investment Corporation -
Brighterdays Credit Group -
Best Loan Funding -
Landmark Group Inc -
Mattamy Financial Services -
Lawrence Park Financial -
Century Financial
John Loan Finance Firm
KW Campital -
Farlex Solutions -
American Dominion Financial -
Fiske Advisors -
GLG Lending Group
K.T. Loans Inc -
Suncore Capital Investment
Infinity Lending Group - www.INFINITYLENDINGGROUP.ORG
Desophiety Corp S. A
New Credit Association, 848 north rainbow blvd., las vegas, nevada
American Loan Advantage
Twin Hills Financial Group
Adolf Financial Group
Yorkview Financial Services
First National Network Funding -
Calvert Financial Group -
Edison Financial Group -
Applewood Services
Harford Financial Services
No Credit No Down -
Primax Services -
Concrete Lending -
First Financial Network Funding
Bayview Credit Loans Inc.
Clean Slate Credit Solutions -
Lending Hand Financial
Watson and Jones Financial Group
Pender Equity Solutions -
Quotion Lending Group -
Benton Investment Group -
Guaranteed Solutions -
Decoster Financial Group -
Prosperity Investment Loan -
Alexan Lending Group -
Global Trust Funding -
Union One Lending Group -
Metro Pacific Loans -
Direct Brokers Group -
T & T Loan Firm -
Davis Ryan Loan Agency (aka micheal doria) -
KNS & Son's Equity Group
R&M Services
Lymington Financial Solutions
Acclaim Equity Group -
Rosswood Lending Group -
Newburgh Equity -
Nordic Financial Trust -
London Lending Group -
UBI Payment Services
Moral Park Financial
United West Lending
Brickell Bay Lending -
Blue Sky Lending -
Kenneth and Doyle Financial -
Halsteadt Investment Group
My Easy Loans -
Allstate Capital & Financing -
Southeast Financial Services -
Reliant Capital Investment -

ALERT: A recent scam has been going around where you might have filled out an application for a loan on another website that looked legitimate, but it really is a scam. You will be contacted by a lender that will say you are approved and then ask for some up-front money. This is a scam. DO NOT give anyone up-front money for a loan. Any lenders that we recommend will not contact you. We will give you a list of recommended lenders that we have researched and verified to be legit and then it is up to you to decide which one, if any, that you would like to call. We do not share your information with any lenders. If you have a lender you would like us to research, please email us and we would be happy to give you our opinion.

The Better Business Bureau wrote a great article how the recent bad credit loan scams work and how they are costing Americans millions of dollars. To view the BBB article, click here.

A few great tips to make sure you are not scammed:
1. Do not use Craigslist to find a lender. Many scam lenders use Craigslist to find their victims.
2. Do not send any up-front money via Western Union or wire transfer. This should be the first sign of a scam.
3. Never pay up-front fees for collateral, pre-payment of payments (i.e. pay 6 months payments up front and then you don't have to make a payment for 6 months)
4. Check with the Department of Banking for your State by going to your state's website. Lenders must be registered with every state in which they do business.

Have a lender that you would like us to research to see if they are legit? Or if you have a lender that you would like to add to our scam alert page, please email us the information.

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